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CBD Shatter: The Highly Effective Way to Enjoy CBD

Named for its brittleness and glass-like appearance, CBD shatter is one of the most potent, pure, and stable forms of CBD concentrate. Smoking concentrates can be great for those looking for more substantial hits and increased effects of CBD. Many people prefer using CBD shatter for its ease of use and handling while dabbing.

Shatter is an amazing CBD product that also has a lot of versatility. Don’t worry if all of this seems complicated because we will break down everything there is to know about CBD shatter for you in this article. Read on to find out the benefits of using shatter, how to use it, and the difference between shatter vs. dabs!

What is CBD Shatter?

CBD shatter is a cannabinoid byproduct (concentrate) of hemp and has over 90% purity. If this sounds complicated, all you have to know is that CBD shatter is extremely pure and concentrated! CBD shatter is very brittle and easy to melt, giving it a wide variety of uses. Many CBD smokers love shatter because it is easy to handle when dabbing. You can even add it to foods for an extra CBD boost!

cannabidiol concentrate on dab tool

The great thing about shatter is that you only need a small amount to enjoy the effects of CBD. At 90% purity, shatter is about four times as potent as some of the strongest CBD flower strains!

What Are CBD Concentrates?

When hemp is processed to remove all excess plant and waste material, the remaining compounds make CBD concentrate. Since all the excess product has been filtered out, concentrates are among the purest and most potent forms of CBD you can buy. 

An easy way to visualize this is to think about fruit concentrates that have the smell, essence, and flavor of the fruit but without the actual fruit itself. There are many forms of concentrates, like wax, resin, CBD crumble, and shatter. All forms of concentrate are variations of CBD isolate, which describes pure CBD products with no additional ingredients, cannabinoids, or additives.

What Are the Effects of CBD Shatter?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound with many incredible therapeutic benefits to help us relax and feel refreshed. Whether you are eating gummies, smoking CBD flower, or dabbing shatter, cannabidiol affects us by supporting our body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates many of our body’s functions like sleep, mood, digestion, appetite, breathing, metabolism, and much more!

By supporting our ECS, CBD can promote better wellness and comfort in our daily lives. As our bodies work towards homeostasis or an inner balance, we can function better and work more efficiently with CBD. Some of the main benefits that CBD can provide are:

  • Promote better sleep
  • Improve appetite and digestion
  • Enhance mood
  • Relieve discomfort

Smoking shatter, or any concentrate, is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to feel the effects of CBD. Inhaling smoke allows the CBD to enter your lungs and bloodstream almost instantly. Smoking also has higher bioavailability or the amount of CBD that your body absorbs than other methods like edibles or under-the-tongue applications.

Is CBD Shatter Legal?

Yes, CBD shatter is legal, as long as it contains 0.3% or less THC! Under the 2018 Farm Bill, all hemp and hemp-derived products are federally legal for sale and manufacturing. However, if any products contain over 0.3% THC, it is classified as marijuana, which is still federally illegal. It may be confusing since state laws sometimes conflict with federal laws. Check your state’s policies regarding the legality of hemp and CBD products!

Does CBD Shatter Get You High?

No, CBD shatter cannot get you high! The wonderful thing about CBD is that it is a non-psychoactive compound that does not leave you feeling intoxicated or high. CBD should NOT be confused with THC, the psychoactive derived from marijuana that can leave you feeling high or dizzy.

Many people have transitioned to using CBD because it cannot get you high, and there are very few side effects. Most people tolerate CBD extremely well, and any reported side effects are typically very mild. Some side effects you might experience are:

  • Dry mouth
  • Slight dizziness or nausea
  • Change in appetite or mood
  • Diarrhea

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How is CBD Shatter Made?

CBD shatter is made using a complex solvent-based extraction method that should only be done by professionals (do not try at home!). The CBD extraction process is usually very similar across the board, but the post-extraction methods differ significantly to create a wide variety of products.

To obtain CBD oil extract, hemp flower is put through the CO2 extraction method. Most top CBD manufacturers use this method because it is the most efficient, uses no chemicals, and leaves behind no waste product.

Here is a quick summary of how CBD shatter is made:

  • Raw hemp flower is heated and filtered repeatedly to extract the CBD until only the desired cannabinoids and terpenes remain to create the concentrate.
  • Next, all unwanted plant material and waste are removed with a solvent-based extraction method. The most common solvent used is butane hash oil (BHO), which removes the moisture from the CBD and allows it to reach its thick consistency.
  • Allow the concentrate to cool down and solidify, which forms a thin sheet of CBD extract.

One of the main differences between shatter and other concentrates is that it is not stirred, shaken, or mixed during the heating and extraction processes. Since it is left undisturbed, this allows the shatter to attain its translucent and shiny appearance.

What’s the Difference Between CBD Shatter & CBD Wax?

The main differences between CBD shatter and wax are the texture, consistency, and finishing processes. By definition, both wax and shatter are concentrates with high CBD levels, and both can be dabbed or smoked. However, shatter can require a little more maintenance and care.

During the heating process, shatter has to be left alone without any disturbance to maintain its texture and consistency. Any agitations during the heating or cooling processes can cause the shatter to gain a cloudy texture and potentially disrupt the final product.

CBD shatter has a glass-like appearance and quality – shiny, smooth, and hard to the touch. In contrast, CBD wax has a softer texture with a slightly oily feel, similar to thick coconut oil. CBD shatter is also sensitive to heat or light that can cause it to melt or crack. CBD wax is slightly easier to use since there’s no worry of it breaking and can be manipulated better.

Shatter’s chemical structure and consistency give it a longer shelf life compared to CBD wax. Shatter typically has higher CBD content than wax as well. You can use CBD shatter over longer periods if you don’t smoke as often, as long as you keep it in good condition!

How to Use CBD Shatter

CBD concentrates are typically thicker and require special devices called oil or dab rigs to heat the product. Dabbing is the practice of smoking CBD concentrates, which has the same effects as vaping or smoking CBD flower.

A dab rig looks similar to a bong but has a flat tub or bowl to hold the concentrate. Remember that shatter is very potent, and you only need a little bit (a “dab”) at a time to feel the effects kick in. If you are new to dabbing CBD concentrates, start with a smaller amount and double the dosage every few hours until you feel the desired effects.

Most dab rigs will come with a “nail,” the heating device used to melt the concentrate. With a small butane torch, you can heat the nail that will vaporize the shatter immediately upon contact. The vapor will fill the dab rig, and all you have to do is inhale!

It can be hard to find the sweet spot for temperatures to heat the shatter. A nail that is too hot can burn the concentrate, giving a smoky and burnt taste. A temperature that is too low won’t vaporize the shatter completely, leaving behind an oily residue. Experiment with how long to heat your nail and how much shatter to use in one session to find your optimal range!

CBD Shatter Alternatives

There are many great concentrate alternatives to CBD shatter. They all have similar effects but can have different draws or ease of use, depending on your preferences. Check out some of our other great concentrate CBD products:

  • CBD distillate – Distillates are an extremely pure form of concentrate (>90%) with wax-like consistency that has no smell or flavor. The distillation process removes all extra compounds for one of the purest forms of concentrate available.
  • CBD wax – A more commonly used concentrate, wax typically has about 80-85% purity. Wax retains some of the terpenes from hemp that give it a little flavor and smell.
  • CBD isolate – Cheef Botanicals Premium CBD isolates come in powder or crystal form and can be added to any food or drink for a little kick of CBD.

Final Thoughts – CBD Shatter

Shatter is one of many fantastic ways to enjoy CBD concentrates. It has many advantages, such as longer shelf life, higher purity, and amazing CBD effects. Consider using CBD shatter today for its potent effects and smooth experience!