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Can You Fly With CBD Oil? [Preparation Tips]

can you fly with cbd oil

Can You Fly With CBD Oil? [Preparation Tips]

Since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, consumers have been curious about the changes to CBD laws. One prevalent question among travelers is, “can you fly with CBD oil?” Simply put, yes, consumers can fly with CBD. That is the simple answer though, because there are nuances to how CBD oil is labeled, processed, and regulated. Also, what is legal to fly with here in the U.S. may not be legal in Singapore or China. If you need help maneuvering travel-related CBD questions, look no further. We’ve got you covered.

Is CBD Oil Legal Nationwide?

Yes, CBD oil is legal nationwide, although, it depends on what kind of CBD products you are using. The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp, which is cannabis grown with no more than 0.3% THC, legal. But, in some areas, where medical and recreational marijuana are allowed, there are some CBD products that can contain more than 0.3% THC.

Consumers should make sure they are buying lab-tested certified CBD products, especially if one plans on flying with it. There are three types of CBD oil that are legal for sale nationwide: Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and CBD Isolates.

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum CBD oil comes from hemp and it contains all of the cannabinoids from the plant, including THC. Since legally, no more than 0.3% THC is allowed in hemp, it isn’t enough to give users the “high” feeling typically associated with THC.

Surprisingly, research suggests that CBD may actually counteract the psychoactive effects THC is known to produce. Opposite to what some believe, CBD products do not get you high even if there are trace amounts of THC in it (0.3% or less).

Instead, this minute amount of THC combines with the other cannabinoids to create what is called the “entourage effect.” Simply put, the entourage effect is when all of the compounds in cannabis work together to provide the best benefits.

Broad Spectrum

Broad Spectrum CBD contains all of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant, except for THC. Since the THC is removed, Broad Spectrum does not have as powerful of an entourage effect. This is best for people who have a job with mandatory drug tests.

However, since CBD is not fully regulated, illegitimate or shady companies may sell Broad Spectrum products with traces of THC still in it. For this reason, consumers should only purchase CBD products from established and legitimate companies.

CBD Isolate

Pure Hemp-Based CBD Isolate does not contain any other cannabinoids. These products are the purest form of CBD available. CBD isolates usually have concentrations around 99% pure and above. Although there is no entourage effect, isolate products give consumers the option to just use CBD without any of the additional compounds.

The CBD market is not fully regulated, so consumers want to check three things before they purchase a product. First, make sure the CBD oil is third-party lab tested. Next, consumers should make sure the label is not hidden and provides a full breakdown of the compound. Lastly, looks for online reviews for the product you are buying.

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Can You Fly With CBD Oil in the U.S.?

Recently the TSA updated its “What Can I Bring?” page on medical marijuana and CBD to alert passengers that they can now fly with various forms of CBD oil and one hemp-derived medication approved by the FDA. Also, on Twitter, @AskTSA stated that, “Products that contain hemp-derived CBD oil or are FDA-approved are generally legal & can fly.”

As of January 2020, according to the TSA’s website: “Marijuana and certain cannabis-infused products, including some cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA. (See the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, Pub. L. 115-334.) TSA officers are required to report any suspected violations of law to local, state, or federal authorities. TSA’s screening procedures are focused on security and are designed to detect potential threats to aviation and passengers. Accordingly, TSA security officers do not search for marijuana or other illegal drugs, but if any illegal substance is discovered during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer.”

Can You Fly With CBD Oil Internationally?

This is a tricky question. Every country has different rules for medical cannabis and CBD, and it is best to speak with a travel agent, a customs agent, or a government official from that country.

For those traveling internationally to Europe, there is a method in which CBD oil can be flown overseas. The Opium Act and the Schengen Declaration pertains to 26 countries in Europe and requires travelers to get a Schengen certificate to travel with CBD. Medication covered under the Opium Act includes powerful painkillers and sleeping pills, anxiety medication, medical cannabis, ADHD medicine, and more.

Other countries are different. For example, it would be illegal to fly CBD oil into many countries in Asia. In China, hemp is legal but flying in CBD oil can be dangerous so it is not recommended. Please check with the laws and regulations in the country you are flying into before packing CBD into your luggage or carry on.

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Traveling With CBD Tips

Although flying with CBD oil in America, and several other countries, is legal, consumers are still nervous about HOW to fly with it. Here are the four best tips for traveling with CBD oil.

1) Make Sure the Labeling Is Intact

Bring the labels with you for the product just in case you need to prove that there is 0.3% or less THC in the oil. This includes the COA, or Certificate of Analysis, from a third-party lab that verifies the content of the CBD oil. Any legitimate CBD company should offer its customers access to the most recent COA’s available for all its products.

2) Do Not Argue With TSA

You may be right now, but you’ll have to wait to prove it later. For example, if you are pulled over for speeding you can’t argue with the cop. You must accept the ticket, then fight the charge in court if you’d like. The same method can be said for CBD oil.

If a TSA agent gives you a hard time, follow instructions for now. Look into reporting the incident to a TSA manager or your lawyer after you have departed and landed safely. If CBD is necessary and you cannot fly without it, still, do not argue. Ask to speak with a superior and make sure to have proper documentation.

3) Have Documentation

If you have any medical documentation that highlights a diagnosis or a prescription, bring this relevant information with you. You will save yourself a headache if you can shut down any opposition with a verified medical document or prescription.

4) Packing

Do not try to be slick and hide the oil, it will only make it look more suspicious if found. Like all liquids, you must arrange CBD oil according to the TSA’s requirements. Place the oil contained in a bottle within a plastic bag along with your other liquids, and make sure that it does not exceed the 3.4oz (TSA’s liquid limit per bottle).

CBD vape pens are allowed on planes, although they must be in carry on bags only. According to the TSA, “The FAA prohibits these devices in checked bags. Battery-powered E-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems may only be carried in the aircraft cabin (in carry-on baggage or on your person).”

Is CBD Safe?

Yes, CBD is safe. Although there are rare occasions where mild side effects have been reported. These may include a change in appetite, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, or rapid heart beating. These mild side effects typically pass after the body becomes adjusted to the dosage.

Another thing consumers should be aware of is that CBD oil may be extracted or diluted using different carrier oils. Carrier oils can include coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, and more. If you have an allergy, it is best to make sure to read the label first to make sure none of the carrier oils may have a negative effect on you.

Final Thoughts About Flying With CBD Oil

Yes, you can fly with CBD oil. Still, consumers must be cautious when flying with it. Remember to follow the TSA’s instructions when it comes to packaging and transporting CBD oil. Do not argue with TSA workers and make sure to bring all relevant information to the airport with you. As long as you stick to the guidelines we discussed above, you should be safe while traveling with your CBD oil. Although, for those traveling internationally, depending on your destination, there may be different rules that apply to CBD products there. Planning ahead and following the rules is the best way to enjoy safe travels. Check out Cheef Botanicals for more info along with CBD facts and products!

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