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What Is THCp Flower? [Everything You Need to Know]

what is thcp flower

THCp (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, THCP, THC-p, or THC-P), a newly discovered cannabinoid, is making waves in the cannabis community. Known for its extremely high potency, THCp has ushered in a new era of hemp products, offering an experience that stands apart from traditional THC and other cannabinoids like Delta-8 and the trending THC-O. The latest addition to this growing catalog of products is THCp flower. Although it’s still new to the scene, many feel THCp flower is a game changer for the hemp industry.


For both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and curious newcomers, THCp flower offers some intriguing possibilities. However, THCp flower also poses several questions about its effects, legality, and purchasing sources. If you’re curious about THCp flower, our guide will demystify it and set the record straight. Stay informed and make the right choice when it comes to indulging in this potent hemp flower. Keep reading for all the essential information you need to enjoy THCp flower.



What Is THCp?

Before we dive into the world of THCp flower, it’s important to understand what this elusive cannabinoid is and what it can do for you. THCp is an extremely rare, naturally occurring cannabinoid found in cannabis plants that’s potentially 33 times more potent than THC (Delta-9 THC, Delta-9, D9, D9-THC, or THC). It is capable of producing intense euphoria and powerful relaxation.


Identified in 2019 by a team of Italian researchers, THC-p is making waves for its elevated potency. Many enthusiasts who have tried THCp claim that its powerful effects can linger for several hours, while others who have consumed THCp in edible form feel the effects gradually fade away over a few days. 


As with all cannabinoids, THCp’s effects are subjective. Several factors can determine the intensity of THCp’s effects. Past THCp experience, cannabis tolerance, metabolism, weight, health conditions, and other individual characteristics all play a role.


How THCp Works With Your Body

THCp’s unique chemical structure sets it apart from THC and is the reason behind its powerful effects. The molecular structure of THCp includes a seven-carbon alkyl side chain, allowing it to bind to your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) receptors up to 33 times more effectively than THC, which has a five-carbon alkyl side chain.


Your ECS is an internal network of cell-signaling receptors that play a crucial role in regulating key homeostatic processes in your body. THCp’s tight binding to the ECS receptors, particularly those in your brain, leads to heightened euphoria.


As our understanding of cannabinoids grows, the discovery of THCp has sparked interest and excitement among researchers and enthusiasts alike. Although THC may be the world’s most popular cannabinoid, THCp has established a reputation of its own as the world’s most powerful cannabinoid. As a result, several THCp products are flooding the market to meet consumer demand. One such product that’s experiencing a meteoric rise is THCp flower.



thcp hemp flower bud against black background



What Is THC-p Flower?

THCp flower is hemp flower (CBD flower) coated or infused with hemp-derived THCp distillate. This federally legal alternative to traditional marijuana delivers an intensely euphoric experience that typical hemp flower cannot match.


THCp is extremely rare in nature and not present in sufficient quantities in cannabis flower. To obtain adequate amounts of THCp distillate to make THCp flower, reputable brands take CBD from hemp flower and put it through a safe and clean multistep conversion process that turns it into THCp. Producers coat or infuse hemp flower with the resulting distillate to create THCp flower.


Each strain of THCp flower boasts different flavor profiles, offering a range of options for consumers. With the rising popularity of hemp flower, it’s no surprise that THCp flower (also referred to as THCp flowers) is getting the attention it deserves.


Enthusiasts can enjoy THCp flower in a variety of ways, ranging from bongs and bubblers to joints and blunts. Not into smoking? Indulge in smooth, flavorful vapor with a dry herb vape. There’s something for everyone to enjoy the benefits of THCp flower. We’ll dive deeper into how you can enjoy THCp flower later. 


Characteristics of THCp Flower

Venturing into the world of THC-p flower reveals a sensory journey not found in other types of cannabis flower. THC-p flower exhibits a wide range of aromatic profiles, encompassing sweet, spicy, nutty, and earthy aromas influenced by their dominant terpenes.


Imagine the sweet and herbal spice of the Biscotti THC-p flower or the spicy-nutty flavor of Peanut Butter Breath, and the fresh, saccharine sweetness of Lava Cake that includes notes of mint, chocolate, cookies, and fruit. These are just a sampling of the palate-pleasing flavors that await.


The benefits of THC-p flower are just as diverse. From boosting mental clarity, inducing a calming effect, or promoting relaxation without making you overly tired, you’ll find the perfect strain for you.



Why Choose THC-p Flower?

Recognition for THC-p flower is growing due to its promise of a more intense experience than most other cannabinoids. The potency of THC-p flower, which is reported to be up to 33 times more than Delta-9 THC, translates to amplified euphoria due to its effective binding with ECS receptors in your brain.


Enthusiasts may experience enhanced mood, increased relaxation, and potential discomfort relief. THC-p flower also comes in various forms and strains, each with distinct flavor profiles and terpene compositions, providing consumers with a flexible and personalized experience.



thoughtful woman relaxing on couch after smoking thcp



How Long Do the Effects of THC-p Last?

The effects of THC-p flower can last up to 4 hours or more when smoked and potentially even longer when incorporated into edibles. It’s hard to predict how THC-p might make you feel and how long the effects will last since everyone’s experience is different. 


If you’re new to THC-p flower, it’s advisable to begin with a small amount. Take your time, observe its effects, and proceed cautiously if you want to consume more.



Is THC-p Synthetic?

THC-p is not synthetic and is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in trace amounts in cannabis plants. Synthetic cannabinoids are those that do not exist in nature and are completely artificial. An example of a synthetic cannabinoid is K2/Spice.


As mentioned before, to generate plentiful quantities of THC-p, pure CBD extracted from hemp plants undergoes a chemical conversion process, turning it into THC-p. It’s important to note that CBD occurs naturally and serves as the foundation for producing significant amounts of THCp, another naturally occurring but rare cannabinoid. Since we’re transforming one natural cannabinoid into another, no artificial cannabinoids are created in this process.



What Is a THC-p High Like?

THC-p is considered to be approximately 33 times more potent than traditional THC, leading to a stronger and more intense euphoric feeling with smaller doses. Individual experiences will vary.


Many who have experienced THC-p euphoria claim it feels like they’re disconnected from reality. Others have felt like they see things differently, and their perception of time seems to change. These sensations vary from person to person. The only real way to know what THC-p euphoria is like is to try it yourself. Approach it cautiously, as it may be different from what you anticipate or are used to with Delta-9 THC.



Is THCp Flower Legal?

All hemp-derived THC-p flower is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, provided that the final product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. However, it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Despite being legal under federal law, the legality of THC-p varies by state. Some states even go so far as to ban hemp products.


Because cannabis laws are fluid, staying informed about state laws and those specific to your town is important. This ensures compliance with the law and helps you avoid any potential trouble. 



thcp flower and pre rolls with grinder



THC-p Flower Consumption Methods

There are various ways to consume THC-p flower. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll discover a way to enjoy THC-p flower through one of these methods.


Pipes, Bongs, and Bubblers

Pipes are compact and fit easily in your hand. Simply pack the bowl, light the flower, and inhale through the mouthpiece. Bongs and bubblers are glass water pipes with a stem leading to a water chamber that filters and cools the smoke. These water pipes offer smokers a smoother experience than traditional pipes. 


Joints, Pre Rolls, and Blunts

Ground THC-p hemp flower can be placed into rolling papers to make joints (wrapped in hemp paper) or blunts (wrapped in tobacco leaf). Pre-rolled THC-p joints, also known as THC-p pre-rolls, present an ideal solution for those prioritizing convenience and mobility. THC-p pre-rolls come fully prepared, saving consumers the time and effort needed to roll joints and negating the need for additional accessories such as rolling papers, grinders, or filters.


Furthermore, THC-p joints provide standardized dosages, offering consumers consistency in quality and quantity for each smoking session. This makes them a high-quality product that is both beginner-friendly and cost-effective.


Dry Herb Vaporizers

Using a dry herb vape is similar to using a regular vape. The main difference is that it has a chamber where you place your THC-p flower, which is then vaporized to produce vapor instead of smoke.


Vaping preserves the terpenes and flavors a strain by heating the THC-p flower at lower temperatures, resulting in a clear-headed experience with enhanced aroma and a more distinctive taste.



Safety and Dosage Recommendations

Despite THC-p presenting a novel and potent hemp experience, responsible consumption is of the highest importance. It’s recommended that beginners start with a few puffs to gauge tolerance levels. Since personal tolerance to THC-p can vary greatly, a standard dose might be around 1 mg for some but can differ based on individual response.


Starting Low and Going Slow is The Key to Safe THC-p Consumption

The guiding principle for THC-p dosing is to begin with a modest amount and proceed gradually. Since individual sensitivity to cannabinoids can vary greatly, and because THC-p is far more potent than THC, it’s important to start with a low dosage to assess personal tolerance and response. Also, individual characteristics, like your experience with cannabinoids, any health problems you may have, weight, age, and other factors, can change how your body reacts to cannabinoids.



woman opening a jar of cannabis



Potential Side Effects of THC-p Flower

THC-p flower is safe to consume when taken responsibly and within personal limits. However, if you indulge in it too much and go beyond what you can ideally handle, you may encounter some mild, temporary side effects.


The potential side effects of overconsumption of THC-p flower may include the following:


  • Lethargy
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Increase in appetite
  • Intense euphoria


Stop consuming THC-p flower if you start feeling any of these side effects. Find a calm spot where you can relax safely. Drink some water and try to rest. By relaxing and staying hydrated, you’ll start feeling better soon. Usually, the side effects go away after a few hours.



Where to Buy High-Quality THC-p Flower

You can easily find high-quality THC-p flower and other items like pre-rolls at many online stores and local dispensaries. But your smartest move is to buy online. You’ll have access to a wider selection, avoid worrying about items not being in stock, and get better deals, all from the comfort of your home.


What to Look For When Buying THC-p Flower Online

When buying THC-p flower online, it’s important to think about various factors that can distinguish a high-quality product from a lower-quality one. Here are some key considerations when purchasing THC-p flower online:


  • Reputation of the retailer. Ensure it’s a trusted online retailer with good reviews.
  • Detailed product descriptions. Look for clear information about strain type, THC-p levels, effects, aroma, and flavor.
  • Quality images. Check for clear, high-resolution photos of the actual product to visually assess the quality of a THC-p strain.
  • Lab testing. Verify that products are tested for potency, purity, and safety. You’ll often find that high-quality THC-p flower comes with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This is an official document from an independent laboratory confirming the potency and purity of a specific strain.
  • Secure payment options. Make sure the website offers safe and reliable payment methods. Only shop with online retailers that have SSL certificates. This ensures your online transactions and personal information are private and secure. 
  • Discreet packaging. Confirm that the company ships in discreet, odor-proof packaging for privacy.



Final Thoughts – What Is THCp Flower? [Everything You Need to Know]

THCp flower is the newest addition to the ever-growing THCp category of hemp products. This cannabis flower offers an exciting opportunity to explore hemp in a potent new form, providing a sensory journey distinct from traditional THC. THCp flower is CBD hemp flower coated or infused with hemp-derived THCp distillate, boasting a reported potency that’s 33 times higher than THC. You can enjoy THCp flower like any other bud by smoking it through bongs, pipes, and joints or using dry herb vaporizers for a smoke-free option. However you decide to enjoy THCp flower, you must always start slow due to its intense effects.


THCp flower is federally legal when sourced from Farm Bill-compliant hemp plants. If you’re interested in trying THCp flower and want to experience it firsthand, we suggest purchasing from trusted online sellers. For those looking for a more controlled experience, try THCp gummies! These potent edibles offer precisely measured THCp doses for predictable effects. Visit our THCp shop for potent THCp gummies and elevate your cannabis journey today!

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