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The CBD industry is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries today. In 2020 alone, the CBD market’s value was more than $553 million. So what’s the best way to profit from the CBD industry? Either use a white label CBD service or bring your own private label to the market!

White labeling is a great option for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It can help them avoid the time-consuming efforts and high risk needed to create a line of brand new CBD products.

The quicker, safer, and less expensive option is white labeling when it comes to your CBD business. This involves putting the name of your own brand on various CBD products manufactured by another company. White labeling will allow you to focus more on increasing sales and developing your brand.

What is White Label CBD?

Products produced by one company but rebranded by another company for resale purposes are called white label products.

White label CBD services are a wonderful opportunity for established companies and startups alike. White labeling allows companies to take a product that is already successful and brand it as their own.

This is a method perfect for those unfamiliar with certain product formulations or specific CBD formulations. In addition, white label CBD products can serve as your entire product line or you can add them to your existing CBD line!

What Does it Mean to White Label CBD?

White label manufacturers create products for other companies to rebrand and sell as their own. When it comes to CBD products, white labeling means ordering batches of CBD balms, bundles of CBD capsules, or tinctures straight from the warehouse.

White label products come straight from wherever they were made to put their own label on them. This process is significantly different from the wholesale process. The manufacturer typically sells the product to a distributor before you buy wholesale. The distributor then marks up the price, puts their company name on everything, and you end up placing a bulk order to a sales coordinator from someone else’s brand.

When buying white labels instead of wholesale, the creative control is put back into your hands. First, you get the opportunity to communicate with the product designer directly. Second, you get to design your label and set your own profit margins!

Most importantly, buying white labels instead of wholesale cuts out the middleman. As a result, you get to keep all the money you would have shared with a CBD wholesale distributor. Plus, you get your products faster!

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Are There Benefits to White Label CBD Companies?

You have three options when it comes to selling CBD products; white-label CBD products, private label CBD products, or wholesale products. Of course, you won’t be spending money on manufacturing, designing, or packaging your CBD products with white labeling.

Plus, labeling costs are relatively cheaper. Not to mention that white labeling companies generally possess the necessary resources and staffing to bring any CBD product line to life.

No Manufacturer’s License

Licensing is one of the biggest and most time-consuming struggles for people looking to create their own CBD products. First, you will be required to obtain your own licensing. Second, you must comply with all the laws involving the manufacturing of Hemp and CBD-related products.

However, you can obtain these licenses without worrying about eligibility bottlenecks or the lengthy paperwork by working with a white label CBD partner.


Time takes center stage when it comes to running a business! But, it would be best for everyone involved if you had time to concentrate on other important matters. Luckily for you, that’s what a white-label partnership brings to the table.

White labeling is the best way to save time that you would have spent manufacturing your products. The entire process is designed to give you finished labeled products.

As a result, you will not get involved in the paperwork, licensing, or culturing involving CBD products. You also won’t have to worry about sourcing the ingredients, hiring technicians, and developing the right formulas.

Quality Assurance

Working with a reputable white labeling company is the best thing you can do for your new CBD products. With a reputable company, you can be sure of quality assurance! These companies ensure that all their customers are satisfied by holding their products to the highest level of quality.

Partnering with them guarantees that you are selling quality products to your customers and consumers. Thus, building a strong business brand is made much easier through white labeling.

Brand Recognition

Having your company or brand’s name on products creates strong brand credibility and recognition. With white labeling, you can come up with your own name for your CBD products!

A good name and a well-placed advertisement can instantly work wonders to improve your brand recognition. Good brand recognition means that happy customers will then go on to recommend your brand to others!

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Is It Expensive to White Label CBD?

When compared to all the money you would have to spend on packaging, designing, and manufacturing, the cost of white labeling is actually relatively low. This is because white labeling companies have various contracts and connections with all the services and laborers that are necessary to bring a product or company to life. And as a result, the savings are passed onto you!

What’s the Difference Between White Label CBD and Private Label CBD? 

CBD manufacturers and extraction companies currently work with retailers to offer CBD products to their customers in two distinct ways – either via a white label or a private label. Let’s be honest, though; the vast majority of consumers most likely don’t even know what those terms mean on their own, much less what the difference is between them.

Instead, when shopping for a CBD product, they are likely looking for a certain product category, looking for a certain brand (if there is name recognition), or looking to see if the product was produced from a reputable company and contains quality ingredients. So what’s the difference between private labeling and white labeling and, what does it mean for retailers?

White Label CBD

Manufacturers produce white label products in mass quantities for consumers. Retail brands then put their own label on it and sell it as their own. The actual product itself is mass-produced and generic until the retailer adds its unique label or brand image to it.

This means that there is nothing exclusive or unique about the product being sold. Every retailer who buys a product from its manufacturer buys the same thing and simply adds its own label.

White label products will generally be cheaper than private label products. Still, they will have a harder time competing, as other brands offer the same exact product, just with a different label. In order to know they will be able to outsell their competition, a retailer has to be significantly confident in their customer base.

The practice of White labeling is nothing new in the world of retail. It’s likely more common than you realize! Go into any big-box supermarket or retailer, and we promise that you’ll see aisle after aisle lined with white labeled products. Consumers and retailers commonly refer to as “store brands”.

Private Label

Like white label products, private label products are produced at a third-party manufacturer and sold under a brand’s name. The only difference is that the retailer is able to determine what the product packaging will look like and exactly what ingredients are in the product.

In addition, these products are generally created by the retail brand and the manufacturer together, resulting in an “original” product exclusive to that retailer. While it is a more expensive and more involved process, private label CBD products are a fantastic way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

But, of course, the retail brand is forced to take a much more active role in developing a product that will meet the needs of its customer base. But the product they come up with will be their own, instead of selling a product with another company’s name on it.

White Label CBD Overview

The CBD industry is one of the modern world’s fastest-growing industries. As the industry’s value is expected to see an exponential increase over the next few years, it’s no surprise that so many small businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for a way to capitalize on it. White labeling may be the best option for businesses facing financial and other barriers to consider.

As a white label partner, you can relax without having to worry about the effort, time, and money required to source, manufacture, and package CBD products. Instead, with white labeling, you get the opportunity to make a pre-made product your own by simply applying your brand to the packaging and label.

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