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Cheef Botanicals premium hemp pre rolls

It is no surprise that there are always new innovations being made revolving around CBD. After all, more and more people around the world are using CBD for its incredible health benefits. Currently, popular products include CBD oil tinctures, gummies, and vape juice. CBD pre-rolls, also known as CBD joints, are made from hemp flower that has been rolled for your convenience. They’re relatively new to the market, but offer the same great effects of other CBD products. Plus, they’re perfect for social settings or on-the-go.

What Are CBD Pre-Rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are pre-rolled joints made using premium hemp flower, which contains high amounts of CBD. In fact, pre-rolls are one of the most natural ways you can take CBD. There is no extraction process involved like in CBD oil products. With pre-rolls, you are getting CBD directly from the hemp flower itself. As a result, some of you may prefer this method of CBD ingestion over others.

One major advantage of smoking CBD joints is that it has the fastest delivery rate of all the methods of CBD ingestion. This means that it takes the least amount of time for you to feel its effects on your body. Of course, you want to know if it is just as effective as any other form of using CBD. The answer? Yes! CBD pre-rolls offer the same level of effectiveness as other CBD products and more.

CBD Pre Rolls flat on floor with joints out

Can You Get High From CBD Joints?

CBD joints are like the THC joints that many of you are familiar with, but with one major difference: Hemp pre-rolls do not get you high. It is just like smoking a normal joint, except that CBD joints will not affect your state of mind. That’s right–CBD pre-rolls will not produce psychoactive effects on your body because they are made with hemp flower, which contains virtually no THC.

Since CBD pre-rolls are relatively new to the market, many of you might be learning about it for the first time. You are probably more familiar with traditional joints, which do come with a “high.” The truth is, not everyone enjoys the way cannabis products make them feel. Most people who are using CBD want to avoid any psychoactive effects altogether.

Most people who use CBD products appreciate the fact that it does not have psychoactive effects on them. CBD pre-rolls are certainly no exception to this. Many people already prefer smoking cannabis products, and therefore may enjoy the familiarity of smoking CBD, or hemp, in the form of a joint. It is all about personal preference here, so it is worth trying out CBD joints yourself to see if you will like it.

Do CBD Pre-Rolls Show Up On a Drug Test?

So you are concerned about CBD pre-rolls causing a problem with your drug test? The fact is, that CBD joints are made with hemp, which naturally can contain up to 0.3% THC. Therefore, if you are regularly smoking CBD joints in extremely high doses, your drug test may come back as a false positive result for THC. However, in most cases you will not be consuming 1,000 – 2,000 mg of CBD in a day, so you should not be worried about failing your drug test.

Note that drug tests are scanning for THC, not CBD. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that employers want to make sure you are not using. The only way to be certain that a false positive for THC will not appear on your drug test is to use pure CBD isolate products, which contain zero THC. This would make a good temporary alternative to CBD pre-rolls until you complete your drug test to ensure that there are no complications.

Are CBD Joints Legal?

In 2018, hemp-derived CBD became federally legal by the 2018 Farm Bill. Marijuana, on the other hand, is illegal in most states. This means that CBD obtained from marijuana is also illegal in those states. CBD sourced from hemp, however, is legal throughout the United States.

CBD is legal in the United States and can be consumed for medicinal or recreational use. This includes CBD pre-rolls, which are a relatively new product in the market. However, note that CBD joints can seem very similar to marijuana joints. Marijuana is illegal in most states, so smoking CBD joints in those states may attract the unwanted attention of law enforcement, even though it is legal.

How to Find the Best CBD Joints for Sale

Before you buy CBD joints, you should make sure you are purchasing them from a reliable source. A trusted source will provide you with only the best, organically and responsibly grown hemp from Colorado. No additives. No animal testing. Just superior quality hemp with high CBD content and minimal THC. Lucky for you, our website is a great place to start. We offer a number of premium, 100% organic hemp flower strains to match your desired taste. Give it a try and see what a high quality product like our premium hemp flower has to offer.

Our CBD is always premium grade with competitive pricing. Average prices tend to remain the same throughout the year. Premium strains can be found anywhere online from 9 to 15 dollars per gram. Eighths (⅛ of an ounce) can usually be found for 25 to 45 dollars, and quarters (¼ of an ounce) are typically in the 40 to 60 dollar range. It is important to note that if you find hemp that costs less than these values, then it is most likely biomass (stalks and leaves) disguised as premium flower.

Be sure to check out our premium hemp flower strains, available in a variety of sizes.